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To become a world class and Nigeria's leading University recognized for its excellence in capacity building and service delivery.

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Mechatronics Engineering Department

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1Prof. Abiodun Musa Aibinu View Site
2Dr. Alkali Babawuya View Site
3Mr. Muhammad Enagi Bima View Site
4Mr. Jack Kufre Esenowo View Site
5Dr. Taliha Abiodun Folorunso View Site
6Mr. Bala Jibril Abdullahi View Site
7Mr. Fredrick Agonga View Site
8Mr. Anunuso Justice Chikezie View Site
9Mr. Adedigba Adeyinka Peace View Site
10Xx Salami Taye Hassan View Site


As a specialized University we are committed to the training of skilled and innovative work-force that would transform Nigeria's natural resources into goods and services driven by entrepreneurship and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to positively affect the economy and thus the quality of life of her people.